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What Clients Say?

Trigger Growth is excellent to work with and their deep reservoir of digital marketing knowledge and growth hacking techniques make them an inspiring and valuable partner.

Ryan, Usedynamite, UK

Trigger Growth are 'plugged in' to the latest trends and techniques to bring the best success online. Significantly, they don't just understand but execute on a daily basis.

Ott, Justfilmin, UK

Trigger Growth's 'hands on' approach and practical insight mean they're always delivering incredible value and the golden nuggets to help drive better results, faster.

Roy, Clumeo, DK

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The Trigger Growth Process

Depending on what industry you are in and what you are offering the process will vary.

During our strategy workshops we will uncover the most valuable customer acquisition channels and decide on strategies to grow your company in the fastest and most cost effective way.

Assess and Amplify

Analyze what you are doing right, what works, and how this can be amplified using our frameworks. We analyze your social media profiles, ad campaigns, and your website.

Acquisition strategy

Customer acquisition strategy. We will carry out a workshop with your marketing specialists where we decide which channels to focus on.

Audience targeting

Using the most cutting edge features and tools of the acquisition channels we do advanced audience targeting.

Content calendar

Using methods borrowed from SEO keyword research we identify what content your audience is longing for. In collaboation with your marketing specialists we set up a Social media content calendar

Blog post calendar

Together with your marketing specialists we also define how your on page SEO should improve and what content you should publish at what times.

SEO Audit

After several workshops focused on acquisition channels with short term effect we open our scope to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO an important part of a healthy long term marketing strategy.

New Traffic Channels

Acquisition channel experimentation is part of every growth hackers tool belt. At trigger growth we constantly monitor new platforms for traffic potential. When we see a fit for a client we make a workshop around this channel and develop a strategy for using it.

Get more sales

After getting substantial amount of traffic to our clients’ domains we look at how the traffic can be activated and potentially turned into customers, subscribers, leads etc. depending on the overall strategy.

Happy customers sell for you

Part of our growth strategy is to get referrals from existing customers. Referrals are essential for any viral growth. We use special tools for achieving viral loops. What strategy to apply is identified through experimentation.

We look for outliers

Outliers can inspire new improvements

Outliers tell us what to look for

Fit betweent audience and chosen post type.

Maybe your audience loves videos.

What time to publish new posts

We enable you to create value for your customers

Our content model



  • Who is the target audience?
  • What do we want them to do?
    Watch video, Buy product, Get to know us (Post engagement) etc.


Reach, Likes, Clicks, Leads


Facebook, Linkedin, Chat, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Quora etc.



Is this valuable for our chosen audience?


Will this piece of content make our audience more familier with us?


Will our audience like us more after seeing this?


Does this piece of content make us more trustworthy in the eyes of our audience


Outline content

Write copy

Add teaser and call to action

Add special growth mechanisms

Schedule when the post for publication


Look for outliers

  • Positive
    If the post shows high CTR/ROAS, increase or add ad budget
    High engagement rate
  • Negative
    Any negative reactions
    Flagging, reporting, sad reaction, angry reaction
    Negative comments

What can we learn from interactions or lack thereof?

Adjust content for ongoing success

A piece of content can potentially create value for years. It is important to monitor it improve it when needed.

Posts on Facebook can accumulate comments, likes, and shares over time. It is important to monitor which pieces of content has viral potential and boost them even months after initial publication.

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