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Easy on the eyes

“75% of people make judgments on a company's credibility based on website design”

Give your customers a great first impression. You can do this with a clear and immersive experience. This motivates prospects to learn more about your business.

Faster is better

“By reducing website load speed from 8 to 2 seconds, you could expect an up to 74% increase in conversion rate”

Not only is a slow website annoying, it feels "hesitant".  A professional website is lightning fast – respectful of people's time.

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For people on the go

“52% of users said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company.”

Prospects use your website on the go. 
If your website performs worse on phone than on the desktop, you are missing out on business!

Don't get lost

“94% of consumers rate user-friendly navigation as an essential website feature”

Visitors don’t tolerate websites that are hard to navigate. It should be easy for your visitor to find what they need with no guidance.

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Want a website
or rebuild your current?

We build intuitive and fast WordPress websites with designs that display business value to potential customers.

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Show your products' benefits

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Minimalistic and modern design

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Position your company amongst competitors

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Get, keep, and delight your customers

Companies we worked with
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Bright Green Partners' logoRegion Midt LogoAquaporin LogoKlein Logo
Rainmaking LogoRackhostning logo
Bright Green Partners' logoRegion Midt LogoAquaporin Logo
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Website Features

All projects are different,
here are some common features

Landing Pages





Lead gen


Blog Post

Basic Pages*

Business Features

Custom Design

Contact Form

Email Autoresponder

Live Chat Solutions

Newsletter Solutions

Legal Features

Privacy Policy Page

Terms and Conditions

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Talk with a human

Amazing Clients

I have been working with Trigger Growth multiple times during the past few years. The team has been supporting my projects with marketing automation advisory and product development services. I can totally recommend them for their high-quality work, reliability and creativity.

Image of Geza Molnar from
Géza Molnár
Founder and CEO, The Protein Directory

During planning, development, and implementation of the new website we have received great guidance and advice on best practices from Trigger Growth. 

Team is always ready to help and understands if a task is of an urgent nature - we appreciate that.

Anette Svane Vestergaard
Anette Svane Vestergaard
Digital Marketing Manager, Aquaporin A/S
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Your project timeline

Usually 1-3 months. Depends on factors such as  design requirements, site features, revisions, custom coding.

Project Timeline ChartProject Timeline Chart
1. Discovery

Research of industry best practises and wireframing new landing pages.

2. Design

Design of new UI, based on wireframes, brand identity, and industry inspiration.

3. Development

Setup, configuration and programming of WordPress website.

4. Final Testing

Testing and debugging on the server before migrating to live domain.

Moving is hard easy


Hosting can be offered as a customized solution depending on your performance, space and security requirements. Let us know if this is relevant for you.

Data Migration

We move the content for you, even if you don't use WordPress today and we take all necessary precautions to make sure it impacts SEO as little as possible.

Your platforms, connected

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Freaquently asked questions

What advantages does the site give to your business?

A website gives your business a platform to showcase its products and services to potential customers. It can help you connect with new leads and customers, streamline your sales processes, and improve your branding.

Can you build a WordPress website from our design?

Yes, of course. If you already work with a design or branding agency and have Figma or Adobe XD file ready, we would be happy to turn the design into a fast website for you. Since we are used to designing ourselves we are good at reading between the lines and making sure the design works on all screens and devices even if no specific mobile design has been provided.

How much does a website cost?

In terms of budgeting, I can appreciate how important it is to have a clear understanding of what to expect. Without knowing the specifics of your case, it is difficult to give a specific number. If you would like a quote on your project, we will be happy to do so. Feel free to reach out to us for general questions or a specific project quote.

How long does it take to make a website?

The time required to create a website depends on the complexity of the site, the level of customization desired, and the technical expertise of the web developer. Generally speaking, it takes between 2 weeks and a few months to create a business website from start to finish.

Can I make changes to the website afterward?

Yes, you can. We typically create websites using a visual builder called Oxygen Builder. This means that you can make changes to the layouts and pages yourself without coding. We can’t promise that you find it easy or straightforward as website building is a skill of its own like using Adobe Photoshop or Figma, but nothing prevents you technically from making new pages of your own.

We typically see that our clients like us to continue helping them set up new pages and sections. We know how to do it faster and we make an effort to stay within the design guidelines, so the look and feel stay consistent long after the launch.

Can you make custom integrations?

Yes. We often code custom integrations with various CRM Systems and Project Management solutions such as HubSpot,, Salesforce, Notion, Airtable, or similar.

Can you integrate HubSpot with WordPress?

Yes. In almost all our B2B projects we have at least one integration with Hubspot. Some integrations have been standard form embeds, which means you set up and maintain your form within HubSpot and we simply show it on the site.

We have also made custom integrations with HubSpot in the past. In one case we created an integration that creates new deal items when a lead fills out a form on the website. Furthermore, the integration would add line items with the product the lead was interested in. This was a great time saver when sending out proposals with all data already filled out. We could code something to fit and enhance your workflow too.

Can you integrate Salesforce with WordPress?

Sure, we have made integrations with Salesforce in the past. In one case we created an integration that adds new leads when a lead fills out a form on the website. In another case, we added orders from a WooCommerce shop into Salesforce. We could set something up to fit and enhance your workflow too.

Can you integrate with WordPress?

Yes, we have made custom integrations with in the past. In one case we created an integration that creates new board items when a lead fills out a form on the website. We can code something to make your workflow more efficient.

What is the best hosting for WordPress?

There is no one "best" host for WordPress; each has its own set of pros and cons that vary depending on your needs as an organization. That said, some popular hosts include WP Engine, Kinsta, Simply, etc. If you are looking to find the right hosting solution for your website you might find our article about managed WordPress hosting solutions useful. 

We often see companies going for the cheapest provider and hosting option, I would encourage you to consider spending a bit more since hosting is a small cost compared to other marketing expenses, you can expect to get faster load times and improve your conversion rate.

How fast can I expect to rank on Google?

Google does not publish specific figures regarding how long it takes for sites to rank in search results - this largely depends on how well-optimized the site is (i.e., using keyword-rich content along with optimized titles & descriptions) and where competitive content exists in relation to yours (i .e., on relevant keywords).

However, generally speaking, it takes around 6-12 months for a new site to achieve "first-page" results.

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