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Use these AI photo editing apps for your e-commerce site

There’s no doubt about the impact beautiful photos have on conversion rates in almost any industry. Having great photos can mean the difference between not having your house rented on Airbnb or your products not being sold on your e-commerce website.

This is pretty much common sense. However, many websites still use unattractive images without any professional editing, and some even use low-resolution images.

No, I’m not saying this is how it is with your website, but there’s still a great opportunity to create better photos in a way that is both faster and more cost-efficient.

In the last couple of years, new software based on artificial intelligence has made it incredibly fast and almost free of charge to edit and enhance images.

There are even new technologies that, previously, only existed in science fiction movies. Now, you’re able to take a low-resolution image and use artificial intelligence to upscale it to a higher resolution, basically inventing pixels that weren’t there before.

I will provide you a list of some of the technologies we have tried and tested and give you a brief description of each so you can get a better overview of which might be an interesting solution for your use case.

Gigapizel AI - Topaz Labs

This app will take any image you have on your computer and upscale it to a higher resolution, preserving most of the details in the original image.

Naturally, it won’t be able to keep 100 percent of the details, since it would be impossible to guess what was not captured in the picture. However, you will get a very close approximation that will, in most cases, blow you away.

You can upscale images up to six times from the original.


Source - Topaz Labs YouTube

A great feature with this app is that it allows you to process images in bulk, so if you have a folder of images on your computer, you can process the entire folder automatically.

Sharpen AI - Topaz Labs

If you have images from your customers that you want to use in your marketing efforts, such as Instagram images, which customers have allowed you to use, they might not be of the best quality. However, with the Sharpen AI tool, you will be able to make what was previously a blurry or shaky image into a sharp image, ready for use in your marketing content.


Source - Topaz Labs YouTube

If you are doing product images where you want to remove the background, you might be familiar with the slow process of doing it manually in Photoshop, or even outsourcing it to low-cost photo retouching agencies.

A more efficient way to remove the background is to use artificial intelligence. There are many different services that provide this solution and one of them is called


They have apps and APIs making it really easy for you to integrate it into your workflow.


Once your images are at a higher resolution and they are sharp, you just need to make them pop. Usually, you would need a photo editor to make the images more colorful, improve lighting, and to restore lost details.

Photolemur can do this for you automatically. Put an image into the app and it will automatically figure out what is on the image and adjust colors, saturation, contrast, and more to make the image look absolutely amazing.

It also identifies whether there are any people in the image and can, if you enable it, make skin tones and eyes stand out. Like many of the other apps, this also allows you to process images in bulk. This makes it super fast to create stunning content for your blog or ads.

Human Assisted AI

In some cases, you might want to have some photos really stand out. In those cases, we would always recommend using real photo retouching experts. So the headline was actually somewhat untrue.

We always work with one particular highly skilled photographer. You can check out her website here if you are looking to collaborate on photo projects.


If you are curious about how you can incorporate artificial intelligence-based tools in your workflow and how they can be integrated with your current webshop, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help you.

Airbnb found out early on that photos can be the deciding factor for a customer. You can take advantage of the many modern tools already available today and start seeing the benefits to your bottom line.

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