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Tips, tricks, and guides for using WordPress to create and manage effective websites.

Recent articles about WordPress

How to Use the WordPress Error Log File and Use AI to Understand the Logs

Learn to enable WordPress error logs, understand entries, and use AI like ChatGPT for quick troubleshooting. Enhance your site's performance today.

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How to Disable WordPress Frontend Errors

Learn how to disable WordPress frontend errors effectively. Follow our complete guide to ensure a secure and professional website.

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How to Secure Your WordPress Website

Learn the essential steps to secure your WordPress site, from regular updates to using strong passwords and robust security plugins.

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WordPress Project Management

Learn to manage WordPress projects effectively with top strategies and tools. Boost efficiency and get results fast

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WordPress Maintenance Checklist

Learn how to maintain your WordPress site with our checklist. From daily backups to weekly updates. Site security, speed, SEO, and more.

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Debugging Guidelines for Your WordPress Site

A guide to frontend and backend debugging on WordPress sites. Learn what information to share for quick and efficient issue resolution.

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Is WordPress the Right Content Management System for Your Scaleup?

Benefits of WordPress for scaleups: Balancing ease of use, customizability, and cost, compared to headless CMS, Shopify, and Webflow.

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Can Search Autocomplete turn searches into sales?

Discover how integrating autocomplete in WordPress search transforms user experience and drives business growth for B2B tech websites.

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Does your WordPress Search engine need an upgrade?

Explore how enhanced WordPress search capabilities can transform the customer experience and drive sales for B2B websites.

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Understanding Website Maintenance: Essential for Business Growth

Explore the critical role of website maintenance in enhancing performance, security, and user experience, contributing to business success.

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Elementor vs Oxygen Builder: A Detailed Comparison

Compare Elementor and Oxygen, two popular page builders for WordPress. Learn about their features, pros, and cons to choose the best tool for your...

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A blended Impressionist and Cubist portrayal of a digital expert transitioning between a cluttered, dim workspace and a bright, modern workspace, symbolizing the migration from Contact Form 7 to Fluent Forms, with a vibrant green plant representing growth and progress.
Migrating from Contact Form 7 to Fluent Forms: A Strategic Move for Enhanced User Experience

Discover why Trigger Growth is transitioning clients from Contact Form 7 to Fluent Forms, focusing on modern features, user experience, and...

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