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Elementor vs Oxygen Builder: A Detailed Comparison

visual representing similarities and differences between Oxygen Builder & Elementor interfaces

Elementor and Oxygen Builder are two of the most popular tools for building WordPress websites. Each has its unique strengths and weaknesses, making them suitable for different types of users and projects. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the key features, pros, cons, and use cases of Elementor and Oxygen Builder, helping you make an informed decision about which tool is best for your WordPress website.

Key Takeaways

AspectElementorOxygen Builder
User-FriendlyYes, intuitive interfaceSteeper learning curve
CustomizationHighVery high
Code QualityStandardCleaner, more efficient
PriceFree and premium versionsOne-time payment


Serene landscape representing Elementor's user-friendly interface, with symbols on a river and a figure by its side.

WordPress website builders have revolutionized the way we create websites, offering tools that range from drag-and-drop simplicity to complex, code-level customization. Elementor and Oxygen Builder are two such tools, each carving out their own niche in the WordPress ecosystem. While Elementor is known for its user-friendliness, Oxygen Builder is celebrated for its performance and customization capabilities.

Elementor: The User-Friendly Page Builder

Elementor is a WordPress page builder known for its ease of use and flexibility. It offers a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for beginners and professionals alike to create beautiful websites without needing to code.

Features and Benefits

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: Elementor's intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows users to build pages visually.
  • Templates and Widgets: It offers a vast library of templates and widgets, making it easy to add complex elements to your site.
  • Responsive Design: Elementor ensures that websites look great on all devices.
  • Theme Builder: With Elementor Pro, you can design entire WordPress themes, including headers, footers, and post types.

When to Use Elementor

Elementor is ideal for users who prioritize ease of use and require a tool that supports quick website development with minimal technical know-how. It's particularly suited for small businesses, bloggers, and freelancers who need to launch a professional-looking website quickly.

Oxygen Builder: The Performance-Oriented Tool

Oxygen Builder is not just a page builder; it's a tool for building entire WordPress websites with a focus on performance and clean code.

Features and Benefits

  • Clean Code: Oxygen generates cleaner, more efficient HTML and CSS, leading to faster website loading times.
  • Design Freedom: It offers greater control over site design, allowing you to create truly unique websites.
  • Dynamic Data: Oxygen excels in displaying dynamic content, making it suitable for complex, data-driven websites.
  • Developer-Friendly: It's a tool that developers appreciate for its flexibility and code-level access.

When to Use Oxygen Builder

Oxygen Builder is best for users who have some experience with web design and WordPress. It is particularly beneficial for developers and agencies that build custom, performance-optimized websites.

At Trigger Growth, we use Oxygen Builder for all new client projects to ensure top performance and future-proof the setup for customization as the client's needs change.

Comparing Elementor and Oxygen Builder

  1. Ease of Use: Elementor wins in terms of ease of use. Its user-friendly interface is suitable for beginners, whereas Oxygen has a steeper learning curve.
  2. Performance: Oxygen Builder offers superior performance, generating cleaner and more efficient code than Elementor.
  3. Customization: While both tools offer high levels of customization, Oxygen provides more flexibility at the code level.
  4. Pricing: Elementor has both a free and a premium version, while Oxygen Builder is available for a one-time payment, providing full access to all its features.


Choosing between Elementor and Oxygen Builder depends on your skill level, project requirements, and priorities. If ease of use and quick setup with off-the-shelf designs are your priorities, Elementor is the way to go. However, if you require a high-performance website with deep customization options, Oxygen Builder is the better choice.

At Trigger Growth, we have some experience working with Elementor, but our main focus has been Oxygen Builder since 2018. Whether you're looking to migrate from Elementor to Oxygen Builder for better performance or need assistance in creating a new website, our team of skilled WordPress developers can help you achieve your goals. Learn more about our services in Figma to WordPress conversions, which often involve using Oxygen Builder for the best results.

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