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Aquaporin is a water-tech company delivering innovative technology built on nature's own water filtration. They work for reducing, re-using, and cleaning water.

Aquaporin is a water-tech company dedicated to overcoming one of the world’s most pressing challenges: water scarcity. From their base in Denmark, they work with local and international partners to solve a global problem.

They’re using aquaporins – the super water purifiers found in every living cell – advanced biotechnology and state-of-the-art engineering to make it happen. It’s a revolutionary idea, based on billion-year-old natural technology.

Aquaporin approached us with the goal of getting more customer relationships from their website. They wanted to grow the number of leads from their website and to use their website as an integral part of their inbound marketing process.

Over the course of a few weeks, together with Aquaporin, we identified opportunities for growing their traffic and conversion rate.
Web Development
User Experience
Uncle Grey (UI Design)
More Website Visitors
more visitors
from search
of traffic
search rankings

* The numbers on this page are based on estimates from Ahrefs and user statistics from Google Analytics.
All numbers are shared with prior approval from our client Aquaporin.

The solution was a restructuring and simplification of their website navigation, a new web layout, and a website rebuilt from scratch.

We collaborated with Aquaporin on new layouts and wireframes for the website. Their branding agency, Uncle Grey, created the final designs to fit the overall brand identity.

Based on the custom design from Uncle Grey, we built the new website in Wordpress.
The setup included individual landing pages for each product and merging of distributed information pages into clean and simple business landing pages.

Aquaporin runs B2B marketing campaigns on Linkedin. Therefore we created custom social share images to improve the appearance of shared links and to improve the click-through rates from social media.

"During planning, development, and implementation of the new website we have received great guidance and advice on best practices from Kim Døfler - Trigger Growth has handled all phases. And since the implementation, we continuously use Kim as a sparring partner and for development on tasks, we do not have the skills for in-house.

Kim is always ready to help and understands if a task is of an urgent nature - we appreciate that."

Anette Svane Vestergaard
Digital Marketing Manager at Aquaporin A/S
Improved User Experience
session duration
time on page
Bounce Rate

* The numbers on this page are based on estimates from Ahrefs and user statistics from Google Analytics.
All numbers are shared with prior approval from our client Aquaporin.

We are happy to say that Aquaporin is satisfied with the results they are seeing. The new website is optimized, mobile-friendly, runs faster, and it’s easier to navigate. It took a few weeks to take off in terms of search rankings, but today the organic traffic is steadily increasing.

The new website was launched in December 2019 and after 3 months, the website has seen great results.

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