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Klein 2020 web design and bespoke HubSpot pre-order integration

Klein A45 – Sustainable tiny house designed by world-leading architects.

Klein teamed up with BIG and Soren Rose Studio. The results of this collaboration were outstanding and the first A45 tiny house was born.

We have been working with Klein since the fall of 2020. Klein wanted a website to showcase their beautiful tiny house and enable customers around the world to pre-order directly on the website from their phone. 

In line with their optimized production setup, they also wanted a streamlined integration between the website and their customer relationship management system.

Web Design

Web Development

User Experience


In a collaborative effort with the Klein team, we made a minimalistic website that gave the Klein A45 tiny house the white-space to shine, and full width sliders to present the house’s many interesting angles and design features.

We made a custom HubSpot integration that creates and updates customer profiles and order information (HubSpot “deals”), making sure that data flows automatically and Klein’s time can be spent on delivering a great customer experience.

"During planning, development, and implementation of the new website we have received great guidance and advice on best practices from Kim Døfler - Trigger Growth has handled all phases. And since the implementation, we continuously use Kim as a sparring partner and for development on tasks, we do not have the skills for in-house.

Kim is always ready to help and understands if a task is of an urgent nature - we appreciate that."

Jacob Hagemann
Co-founder of Klein

We are happy to be part of Klein’s family of partners and to help them further improve their online presence.

We can manage your website while you focus on closing more deals. 

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