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They create smarter solutions to water problems.
A technology company with a designer’s heart.

They made the world’s first recirculating shower - based on technology made for the International Space Station.

Their showers save water and give you a better shower experience at the same time. Orbital Showers are smart and connected to your home network, allowing you to keep track of your water savings. Super cool technology.

We have been working with Orbital Systems since April 2018. They came to us with the goal of improving their website in a way that would get more commercial leads.

Some important challenges for them were to get a great user experience leading to more conversions, a website that followed their beautiful brand identity, and a technical setup that integrated seamlessly with their sales and support setup in Salesforce.

Web Development

User Experience


We collaborated with Orbital Systems’ commercial and design teams to create a very fast and minimalistic website rebuilt from the ground. Part of the solution was a restructuring and simplification of their website navigation to get more leads.

Since our initial launch back in summer 2018, we have collaborated with Orbital Systems and helped them revamp and restructure their website as they have grown.

In 2019 we helped Orbital Systems with their e-commerce setup. The new solution made it possible for consumers, commercial projects, and partners to make orders in each their own custom flow. For example, consumers can order directly from their phone with a credit card.

In addition to the e-commerce setup, the site was turned from a website in only English into a multilingual website, initially adding Danish, and most recently Swedish.

"Over the course of 2 years, working with Trigger Growth has been a pleasure. Each project was approached in an agile manner, where they not only met our expectations but also provided us with valuable advice on how to optimize a solution into our long-term vision. Our cooperation resulted in a website with custom solutions and integrations that perfectly suit our constantly developing business model.

Despite having nearly half of the traffic from paid channels, the engagement on the website is exceptionally high: 2.41 pages per session, average session duration is over 2 minutes. This suggests a naturally smooth user flow and a clearly positive user experience."

Andrea Pisarova
Digital Marketing & Sales Lead, Orbital Systems
Improved User Experience and Lead Generation

inbound leads


session duration


per session

* The numbers on this page are based on estimates from Ahrefs and user statistics from Google Analytics.
All numbers are shared with prior approval from our client Orbital Systems.

Orbital Systems has told us that after the initial rebuild in 2018, they saw an almost instant increase in inbound leads, at around 5x their normal rate, a month after the launch.

We have been collaborating on several projects with Orbital Systems since the launch. For example, we worked to improve their e-commerce flows and carried the technical implementation of their beautiful designs.

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