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From Protein Directory's modern search engine, users can access 1000+ alternative protein companies around the world

Protein Directory published its first database in October 2019. Since then, they rebuilt it 3 times to accommodate the needs of thousands of monthly visitors from 100+ countries around the globe.

Géza from Protein Directory has really embraced “continuous iteration” which has made it possible to improve and grow their platform so fast.

We have collaborated with Protein Directory from the side lines since 2019, and in spring of 2021 Géza asked Trigger Growth to build a brand new site from scratch.

Web Design

Web Development

User Experience


Our team built to be easy to navigate and extremely fast to search and find what you need among the 1000+ companies in the database.

The site features an intelligent search engine that allows for fuzzy input, an advanced tagging system that allows for filtering on different industry keywords and all can be imported from their own internal database with streamlined data migration flow.

"I have been working with Trigger Growth multiple times during the past few years. The team has been supporting my projects with marketing automation advisory and product development services.

If you want a trustworthy, resourceful small agency with tremendous experience and a laser focus on efficiency (including project budget) then I can warmly recommend them."

Géza Molnár
Founder and CEO, The Protein Directory

We're pleased to say that Protein Directory is happy with the results. The new website is now running faster, it’s mobile friendly and easier to navigate.

We can manage your website while you focus on closing more deals. 

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