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Be where your
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Health crisis like COVID-19 is making people avoid physical environments that increase the chance of exposure. This situation is pushing businesses to seek digital alternatives for delivering their products and necessities.

Local businesses can
unlock new markets

Not only will it bring in more business, it will also save costs related to serving customers and cleaning the physical store. No need to find extra space or hire additional workforce. You already have the labour and ingredients, delivery just brings you more orders.

Easy shopping
from smartphones

Today’s shoppers make decisions in a split second. We leverage data and design at each step of the buying process to boost your every touchpoint for customer engagement, conversions, loyalty, and retention. you can count on.

We make it easy for you

  • we can help you migrate content from old website to new
  • we make sure that old links works
  • we can help to upscale, edit, prepare images for your website
  • we can take daily backup
  • we can help you buy a domain
  • we can help you with hosting

"Trigger Growth has a large share of the credit for Rackhosting’s growth on the customer-side from mid-2019 onwards. Kim is an extremely skilled digital craftsman, and also a competent partner in strategy and PM.

Can only give Trigger Growth the warmest recommendations, and look forward to a profitable collaboration in the future."

Philip Hegaard
Sales and Marketing Manager at Rackhosting

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