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Web Design

Website Wireframe
Drafting the foundation for your site’s layout and structure.
Homepage Design
Crafting a visually appealing and user-friendly homepage.
Internal Web Page Design
Designing engaging UI for your site’s internal pages.
Landing Page Design
Creating high-converting, visually attractive landing page.


Homepage Development
Building a functional, visually appealing homepage.
Internal Web Page Development
Constructing user-friendly internal web pages.
Landing Page Development
Developing optimized landing pages to boost conversions.
Product Page Development
Creating detailed, engaging product pages for e-commerce.
Integration Setup
Integrating external tools and features into your website.
Google Analytics Setup
Installing Google Analytics for visitor insights.
Google Search Console Setup
Setting up Google Search Console for SEO insights.
Cookie Consent Setup
Adding GDPR-compliant cookie consent banners.
Search field setup
Implementing a user-friendly search function for your website.


Website Content & Design Updates
Regular updates for fresh content and design.
Fixing Website Bugs
Resolving technical issues for a smooth user experience.
Plugin Updates
Updating and securing website plugins.
Adding New Blog Posts
Updating your blog with content you created.
Broken Links and 404 Errors Check
Correcting broken links for better usability.


SEO Audit
In-depth analysis to uncover SEO improvement areas.
Site Speed Optimization
Boosting website speed for better SEO performance.
Title tag & Meta Description Update
Optimizing web page titles and descriptions.
Image Alt tag Update
Enhancing SEO with descriptive image alt tags.
Fixing Technical SEO Issues
Resolving technical challenges for improved SEO.
Existing Content Optimization
Refining existing content for SEO efficiency.
URL optimization
Streamlining URLs for SEO and user navigation.
Keyword research
Identifying effective keywords for your content.
Keyword Clustering & Planning
Organizing keywords for strategic content planning.
Internal linking
Strengthening your site's internal link structure.

Local SEO

Google My Business Creation
Setting up and optimizing your Google business profile.
Google My Business Optimization
Enhancing your Google My Business listing for local search.
Recommendation for Citations and local links
Advising on local SEO citations and link-building.


Site Migration
Smoothly transitioning your site to a new hosting platform.
DNS Setup
Configuring DNS settings for efficient site accessibility.
Cache setup
Implementing caching strategies for faster page load times.


Website Conversion Audit
Evaluating and enhancing your website’s conversion capabilities.
Software/Tool Suggestions
Recommending the best software tools for your business needs.


Business Website (Template-Based)
Building a professional site using customizable templates.
Business Website (Custom-Designed)
Developing a unique, custom-designed website for your business.

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