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Word cloud generator

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This word counter tool is a useful tool for writers who are writing for SEO. It provides accurate and relevant information that can help improve the quality and visibility of your content.

Generate your word cloud in 4 easy steps

Insert your data

Type or paste your text in the input field. 

Number of words

Use a slider to set the number of words to display.

Choose your colors

Set colors of your choice.

Download word cloud

Download in multiple formats: SVG, PNG, & JPG.

Create a word cloud from any text

Easy Visualization:

Instantly transform your text into appealing visuals with word cloud maker.

Simplify Data Interpretation:

Quickly understand which words dominate the text and their relative importance.

Customization Options:

Choose the number of words you want to display, and select primary and secondary colors to match your style or branding.

Facilitate Word Cloud Creation:

Use free online word cloud as a basis for creating stunning visual representations of word frequencies.

Download Word Cloud:

Export beautiful word clouds in PNG, JPG, or SVG formats for seamless integration into reports, presentations, or online platforms.

Suggested use cases

Content writers:

Create word cloud to Improve the overall content quality by analyzing word frequencies and ensuring appropriate emphasis on keywords throughout your text.


Analyze word frequencies in news articles to identify trending topics, recurring themes, and emerging patterns, aiding journalists in their news coverage.


Explore and uncover meaningful insights in your research data, enabling you to draw informed conclusions and make significant discoveries.


Enhance student engagement and understanding by using visual word clouds to teach concepts and analyze text-based data.

Social Media Managers:

Identify relevant topics, discussions, and user preferences to create targeted content and boost social media engagement.

Customer Support Managers:

Word Cloud visualization helps you to identify common issues, customer preferences, and support trends to improve customer support strategies and enhance customer satisfaction.


Create beautiful word clouds that effectively communicate complex data stories and engage audiences during presentations.

Data Analysts:

Visualize and explore textual data to uncover patterns, trends, and correlations, enabling comprehensive data analysis.

Secure word cloud generator

We take your privacy seriously. This free word cloud generator tool operates solely in your browser and does not transmit any data to servers. The only information kept is the text you type, which is stored locally on your device. You can use this tool with confidence knowing your text and data remain private and secure.

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