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This word counter tool is a useful tool for writers who are writing for SEO. It provides accurate and relevant information that can help improve the quality and visibility of your content.

Word Counter for SEO Writers

Accurate Word Count

Keep track of the exact number of words in your content to ensure it meets the word count requirements for your target audience.

Character Count

Make sure your content is within the character limit for your platform or publication.

Sentences Count

Understand the structure and flow of your content by keeping track of the number of sentences.

Paragraphs Count

Ensure your content is well-structured and easy to read by tracking the number of paragraphs.

Syllable count

Syllables determine the rhythm and flow of text. The software counts syllables by first changing words to lowercase. Short words have one syllable, longer words have vowels counted, with consecutive vowels counted as one. The final syllable count is the total for the entire text.

Reading Level

The Flesch Reading Ease Score is a measure of how easily readable a piece of text is. It ranges from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating easier readability. A score of 0 to 30 is considered very difficult to read, while a score of 90 to 100 is considered very easy to read.

Reading Time

Estimate the time it will take for your target audience to read your content and make adjustments if necessary. The average reading speed is typically assumed to be 200 words per minute.

Speaking Time

The speaking time of a text is the time it takes to read it out loud and is calculated by dividing the total number of words by 150 words per minute. This is a crucial factor to consider when creating audio recordings or presentations.

Keyword Density

Track the frequency of your target keywords to optimize your content for search engines and improve your SEO ranking.

Suggested use cases

Writing for translation:

If you are writing content that will be translated into multiple languages, a word counter can help you ensure that the translated content is of similar length and structure as the original.

Writing for accessibility:

A word counter can help you make sure your content is accessible to people with disabilities by ensuring it meets certain word count and reading level requirements.

Speech writing:

If you are writing a speech, a word counter can help you make sure your speech fits within the allotted time frame.

Writing for social media:

Social media platforms have different character limits for posts and captions. A word counter can help you stay within these limits.


Screenplays have specific format requirements and a word counter can help you make sure your screenplay meets these requirements.

Technical writing:

Technical writing often requires a specific word count or character limit. A word counter can help you stay within these limits.


Blog posts often require a specific word count. A word counter can help you make sure your blog post meets this requirement.

This tool is designed with privacy in mind

We take your privacy seriously. This tool operates solely in your browser and does not transmit any data to servers. The only information kept is the text you type, which is stored locally on your device. You can use this tool with confidence knowing your text and data remain private and secure.

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